Xagacity is the real estate personal assistant for your email.

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Never miss a lead

Stay on top of every client with next-generation automatic lead tracking technology.

Save time

Let us chase after leads for you. Spend your time and effort on what you do best - closing deals.

Win more clients

Manage your pipeline effectively and increase productivity to win more clients.

Your clients want instant, personal service.

The first 5 minutes after a new lead contacts you is known as the "golden window." This is when a prospective client still remembers your listing and your name. Studies show that leads are 21x more likely to convert when you respond within this "golden window."

Xagacity makes it effortless to respond immediately to every single lead.

Your Smart Email Assistant

  • Instant install and no setup or data entry required
  • Integrates seamlessly with your work flow
  • Drafts responses that are tailored to you
  • Follows up with leads consistently
  • Tracks all of your leads and your business metrics

Find out how Xagacity can transform your real estate business today.


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